Mest ærværdige LP See - Lohid Rings & Amulets.

Luang Phor se
Most Venerable LP See of Wat SaKai (deceased 1929)
was the last Master to know how to make the Alchemic Lohid alloy,
the manufacturing secret of this magic metal sadly died with him.

Wearing a Lohid amulet or ring
allows the formation of a protective aura around the body
(This is actually the natural Aura, which is strongly reinforced
by the Lohid ). To do this the Talisman en Lohid takes care first
the energy of the body of its wearer,
so do not be surprised to feel a slight fatigue
and have a good appetite if you wear such an alchemical talisman.
It is a powerful protection both at the physical level (accidents)
only at the esoteric level (against black magic and evil entities)
It is also a very good ring
to help practice meditation
and the development of Siddhi (supernatural powers)

lohid ringe
Lohid ring: Before and after being worn.
Once fully charged, the Lohid becomes shiny like Gold,
it is to my knowledge the only metal in the world to oxidize
only if you do not wear it and quickly become shiny
when put in contact with a human body.
According to the purity / quality of the alloy and to other various parameters
(such as: carrier energy, acidity of skin,
objects and substances handled ...)
it can happen that a ring Lohid does not take a golden hue
but coppery or silver, or even to see it re-tarnish and stain the skin of the finger !
alchemisk lohid ring
sølv lohid ring

There are different models of Lohid rings.
The models on these pictures are very rare !

Authentic Lohid amulets and rings
are now extremely rare and sought after. offers about
8 to 10 pieces per year maximum according to the finds
from my sources in Thailand.
CAUTION: FAKE Lohid rings (brass or acid- etched brass rings)
are offered for sale by various sites.

Let's say that if a website offers "authentic lohid ring"
at small price and that they are available all the time, and all identical ...
I'll let you use your brain and guess what that means.